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Click to hear Brooke's band play her original song "Time" 

As a singer-songwriter, Brooke pulls from her southern roots, theater background and love of pop-rock lyricism. Recently graduating from Berklee College of Music with a degree in songwriting, Brooke is known for her poignant lyrics against a folk-rock style of music. As a high schooler, she wrote an original musical entitled "Something You Didn't Know" which had its debut performance in 2020. Writing music for theater, sparked her love of writing songs. As a high schooler she was selected to attend Cedarstone School of Music's songwriting camp in Hendersonville, TN. Upon being accepted to Berklee, she continued her understanding of the craft of songwriting through lyric writing, arranging, production, and business classes to fully grasp the full meaning of being a working songwriter. 


 Her song "Okay" written with Nancy O'Connor won the Curtain Up contest for new musical theater in 2023 and was presented in a concert featuring winners of the contest at the Berklee Performance Center. She's also been commissioned as a musical theater lyricist for multiple projects for musical theater composers at Berklee.


She released her first 2 singles "So What" and "The Best Part of Me" in 2022 and since then has revamped her artist project to lean more towards country, folk, and southern rock. She eagerly anticipates releases in 2024 that hope to usher in this new era of her music. While enjoying and working in lots of styles across music and theater, her love of storytelling is what drives everything she does.  Whether it be writing for herself or writing for someone else, Brooke loves telling stories through songs and music that aim to make the listener want to dance, cry and everything in between.

Click to hear Brooke's band play her original song "Blonde" 

Click to read Brooke's interview with Section 36 on her single "So What"

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"The Best Part of Me"

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