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Piano Player

Things you can hire Brooke for:

- Studio sessions 

- At home recordings 

- Live gigs as a solo piano player or to accompany a band

-Piano lessons 

-Playing in musical theater pits

Brooke is a classically trained pianist who started playing when she was 6 years old. Brooke specializes in many varieties of styles and has played in many pop, country and worship bands. She's experienced in both live performance as well as studio recording. As a high schooler, she was one of three keyboard players out of hundreds of applicants selected to attend Grammy Camp in Los Angeles. She's played a variety of theater productions including Spring Awakening, Freaky Friday, Willard Suitcases Suite, Firebringer, and more. She's also played on many original theater works and songwriter projects. As a piano player, Brooke is skilled at adapting her style to fit the current project and coming up with ideas for her parts to serve the song. She's also given many students piano lessons. She loves teaching and sharing the joy that playing piano has brought her to others. If you're interested in hiring Brooke as a piano player, please contact her for more information!

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